• Need hybrid HV battery recycling?

  • Parting out a wrecked hybrid car or SUV?

  • Looking for a hybrid battery core buyer?

  • Looking for the best place to sell your used hybrid battery?

  • Trying to figure out what to do with your old hybrid battery?

With the increasing popularity of hybrid technology in the automotive industry, there is an equal need for hybrid battery disposal.  But simply selling your battery back to the dealer, or local salvage yard, is just leaving money on the table. If you’re ready to dispose of your hybrid vehicle, or just need to replace the battery, contact us at Hybrid Restoration first!

Sell us the hybrid battery core for more than your local salvage yard or core buyer is offering through our hybrid HV battery recycling program! We can even help you find a buyer for the rest of the car who will pay top dollar!

We can come remove the battery for you or arrange shipping by freight if you prefer to remove it yourself.

If you are a salvage yard operator looking for the highest paying core buyer/HV battery recycler, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We pay 10% to 20% more for cores than competitors!

We buy cores for all:

  • Toyota - 2004 and newer

  • Lexus

  • GM

  • Nissan

At this time we are NOT buying cores from the following:

  • Honda

  • 2003 and older Toyota

  • Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner

 For further details on the hybrid HV battery recycling program at Hybrid Restoration, contact us or fill out the form below:



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